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To most people, the word "Funeral" conjures up images of organ music, a religious service and overwhelming sadness. Funeral services today are changing as people are personalizing services to make them a celebration of ones life as well as an expression of sadness and grief. This expression & celebration of a loved one's life is of utmost importance to you and your family. Rest assured that no one understands this better than the Jason Smith Funeral Chapel.

Opened in August of 2000, the funeral home has quickly gained a reputation of trust with the people of Norfolk. The community has responded in an overwhelming fashion entrusting us with the care of their loved ones.

The Jason Smith Funeral Chapel has a caring and knowledgeable staff. It is our priority to:
a) keep and maintain the high standards of this profession;
b) to treat your loved one with respect and dignity and most of all,
c) to focus on the celebration of a life lived.

It’s Jason's promise that he and his staff will provide you with personal and professional attention regarding all details. By creating a memorial that focuses on a person’s life, the funeral experience is becoming one that is mixed both with laughter and tears. Funeral services allow families who have experienced a sudden tragedy or who have dealt with a situation of long-term care, the chance to honour and pay tribute to the one they so dearly love."

Our staff believe in, and encourage meaningful, personalized services as well as educating us on the choices and alternatives available in a full range of funeral service options. The Smith Funeral Chapel is "sensitive to all people, regardless of faith, denomination, traditions or lifestyles."

Helping people through one of the most difficult times in their life is an important part of any funeral home. The priority of the Jason Smith Funeral Chapel will always remain the same; "to serve and meet the needs of this community and to supply meaningful, personalized services, today and in the days to follow".

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